National funds

RDF as Financial liable to the Region

The Public Investment Program which is financed exclusively by national funds, including, but is not limited to, the following categories:

  • Investments of Local governance  
  • Expenditure on repairing and providing aid to those affected by floods and other disasters
  • Expenditure on emergency situations
  • Expenditure on social activities
  • Expenditure on emergency fire protection works, reforestation, opening of forest roads and forest protection projects.
  • Grants to Public entities and Legal entities under private law for activities in the Social Economy and Employment

The RDF of REMTh has been designated as the liable of Region Projects financed by the national PIP resources. For these projects, it is intended to have integrated interventions at the regional level but also to complement those with the co-funded projects of the PIP with the ultimate aim of achieving spillover effects.

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