Organisational Structure

organisation and staffing of the Regional Development Fund

The organization and staffing of the RDF is determined by its Staff Regulations, which is approved by the Minister of Interior, according to the provisions of article 193 of Law 3852/2010.

Today, Ministerial Decision 4683/1998 (Government Gazette 140Β/18.02.1998), “Staff Regulations of the Regional Development Funds” is in force, as amended and in force.

Responsibilities of the Director

He heads all departments and is responsible for their efficiency and efficient operation by planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling their activities. The Director of Services shall exercise the responsibilities which conferred on him by the Chairman of the Board.

In particular, the Director of the Fund:

  • Attends the meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Ensures the effective execution of each decision of Board of Directors and of Chairman
  • Suggest to the Chairman the Annual Action Plans of the Fund
  • Ensures the timely preparation of action and operating budgets and periodic financial reports
  • Informs the Chairman and Board of Directors about the implementation of programs
  • Proposes the modification of the Action Plans of RDF to the Board of Directors
  • Chairs the Coordination Council and coordinates the activities assigned to the Chiefs of Departments
  • Organizes, coordinates and controls the activities of the services
  • Cooperates with heads of other administrative units of the Region’s services as well as with the local or central bodies involved in the operations of the Fund
  • Undertakes the preparation of all kinds of Regulations concerning the procedures of Operation of the services
  • Recommends, when is necessary, the amendment of the provisions of Regulations
  • Monitors and is responsible for the implementation of the previous regulations.
  • Seeks to improve the efficiency of the operation of the Operational Mechanism
  • Is responsible for the signing of all documents of the officers of the departments

If Director is absent, he is being replaced by the Head of Department appointed by the Chairman.

Legal Service Responsibilities

  • Legal support of the Fund’s services and management bodies.
  • Legal documentation of the issues of daily agenda of meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Providing legal assistance in the formulation of decisions of the Board of Directors and the chairman.
  • Opinions on legal issues-providing legal advice.
  • Legal elaboration of contracts, employment contracts and project contracts, declarations, auctions, etc.
  • Systematic monitoring of public, private and European law concerning the Fund.
  • Handling court cases
  • Appearances in all courts for Fund cases.
  • Keeping electronic and physical data base of all actions

Department of Financial Services

The main subject of the Department is the financial management of the Fund and the payment of all types of expenditures.

Department of Scientific Support and Program Implementation

The main subject of the Department is the general support of the Region, especially in the field of studies and research and the implementation of programs, participation in EU programs, execution of projects, provision of services and implementation of programs on behalf of the Fund.

Department of Administrative Services

The main subject of the Department is the administrative support of the Fund and monitoring general operations of its services.

Department of Financial Management of Investment Programs

The general objective of the Department is to manage, in accordance with the decisions of the Regional Council, the appropriations of the Public Investment Program, financing of public sector bodies and other legal persons, financing from programs of the European Union and other international organizations and other bodies abroad, which concern the regional, prefectural, local and special development programs of the Region.

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