Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

The development in

east Macedonia & Thrace

New provisions upgrade the role of the Regional Development Fund in the direction of its emergence, as a basic support unit in the work of the Regional administration.

Regional Development Fund
Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace

Regional Development Funds (RDFs) are Private Law Entities and were established in order to accelerate the payment processes of projects co-financed by the European Union and Public Investment Program Projects. Their aims and responsibilities have a development character with main propose the economic development of the Region, support of the development planning and technical issues, especially in the field of elaboration of studies, researches and implementation of programs. They are a development mechanism that combines the benefits of the public and private sectors.

Brussels Office

The Brussels Office of the Regional Development Fund of REMTh operates on a permanent basis, in a privately owned building in the capital of the European Union. Its goal is to represent the Region in the European institutions, finding opportunities for project financing through the European funds, participation in workshops and seminars, collection of information and exchange of good practices with other EU Regions.



Interreg Projects


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